Myths and Memoirs

These are my stories, the myths and memories of my life. They are as true as I can manage, with liberal license taken to protect the privacy of others and to fill in the gaps.

Posted most recently: The Bride and the Baptistry (April 2019)

The Bride and the Baptistry (posted April 2019)
Olga’s Lullaby (posted 2016)
Wild (1996)
To the Bright One
Aunt Irene: Remembrance (2015)
Angel Who? (2003)

Lived as teen or young adult (listed in order of posting):
Broken (1976)
Baby, Baby (1968)
The World (1968)
I Am a Child (1969)
Long as I Can See the Light (1970)
This Magic Moment (1970)
Capelli (un’opera buffa) (1970)
Wonder Girl (1969)
Top Ten (1984/1962)
Graceland (1983)
Sound of a Setting Sun (1980s)
Accent on Thanksgiving (1977)
Queen Bitch  (1971-72)

Lived as child (listed in order of posting):
Theme from Lawrence of Arabia (1964)
Make Room for Betty: Half Full (1957)
Make Room for Betty: Stand Alone (1955)
Make Room for Betty: Work (1955)
Small Conversation Hearts (1963)
The History of America (1962)
Mr. Marshall and Me (1961)
Top Ten (1962/1984)
Safely Home (1959)

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