Myths and Memoirs

These are my stories, the myths and memories of my life. They are as true as I can manage, with liberal license taken to protect the privacy of others and to fill in the gaps.

Posted most recently: The Bride and the Baptistry (April 2019)

Take It Light (novella in installments)
TAKE IT LIGHT (cover page) 
Prologue, “A Love That Never Was”
Chapter 1, “In Pieces on the Ground”
Chapter 2, “After Midnight”
Chapter 3, “Run to Keep from Hiding”
Chapter 4, “This Is Your Song”
Chapter 5, “Driven to My Bed”
Chapter 6, “Kissed a Woman Before” 
Chapter 7, “Who Am I”
Chapter 8, “This Old World”
Chapter 9, “Nice and Rough” 

(to be continued)

The Bride and the Baptistry (posted April 2019)
Olga’s Lullaby (posted 2016)
Wild (1996)
To the Bright One
Aunt Irene: Remembrance (2015)
Angel Who? (2003)

Lived as teen or young adult (listed in order of posting):
Broken (1976)
Baby, Baby (1968)
The World (1968)
I Am a Child (1969)
Long as I Can See the Light (1970)
This Magic Moment (1970)
Capelli (un’opera buffa) (1970)
Wonder Girl (1969)
Top Ten (1984/1962)
Graceland (1983)
Sound of a Setting Sun (1980s)
Accent on Thanksgiving (1977)
Queen Bitch  (1971-72)

Lived as child (listed in order of posting):
Theme from Lawrence of Arabia (1964)
Make Room for Betty: Half Full (1957)
Make Room for Betty: Stand Alone (1955)
Make Room for Betty: Work (1955)
Small Conversation Hearts (1963)
The History of America (1962)
Mr. Marshall and Me (1961)
Top Ten (1962/1984)
Safely Home (1959)

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